Vaporizer Coupon Codes

Have you seen, tried, or heard of a vaporizer before? Is this all a mystery or perhaps the kind of topic you think is best left to dope heads? Actually, vaporizers are not merely for use with marijuana. Thousands of individuals around the world have chosen electronic cigarettes and vaporizers as an alternative method of getting their nicotine.

The most important of these is health: vaporizers cut down on the carcinogens one inhales while smoking by more than three quarters by some estimates. One must still realize that raw materials can contain some chemicals, but these are nothing compared to the ones omitted by inhaling vapor instead of smoke.


Reducing the toxins they emit with cigarettes, vapers are also helping the environment. No one knows for sure what devastation millions of dropped cigarette butts could be causing to water and soil, animals and plants. Air quality in one’s private circle becomes cleaner; imagine the difference vaping makes to air quality in an entire city where smokers switch over to vapor.

Saving Money with Vapor

But there is another benefit to using a vaporizer if you are currently a smoker: you save money. This is not the case if you always opt for the top-quality herbs and oils or buy a new machine every time one comes out, but sensible, thrifty individuals are finding that after the initial outlay of $100 to more than $650 they save money compared to what they spent on cigarettes. It can take a year or two to see the benefits, but let’s conduct a little cost analysis so you can view the two habits (or hobbies) side by side financially.

Costs of Power

A lighter or box/packet of matches cost very little, so in terms of the energy used to light a cigarette vs. powering a vaporizer, cigarettes win. This is probably the only time you will read that phrase, though.

Unfortunately, whether you opt for butane, mains power, or rechargeable batteries, replacing the energy source can become a costly venture. Exactly how costly vaping is relates back directly to energy prices where you live, especially when operating desktop devices that plug into an outlet.

Costs of Loose Leaf

But once you start comparing the price of making or buying cigarettes to the cost of buying herbs and oils, the tables turn. Cigarettes are not cheap, and in some states the price of a package of analogs is crippling.

Loose leaf, while not cheap either, is far cheaper than a carton of cigarettes already wrapped. When you buy something in bulk that is almost always the case. Purchase tobacco and pay just for leaves, not toxic preservatives, packaging, paper, and so on.

Other Forms of Vaping

Switch from smoking tobacco to aromatherapy materials and you notice that a little goes a really long way. That’s true of e-liquid also, where good batteries last a day and the tank only needs refilling once, maybe twice. Both of these methods do away with tobacco. E-liquids are often made with tobacco derived nicotine and extracts, but many flavors do not contain either.

Vaping with e-liquids in preference to cigarettes reduces the price of “smoking” by more than half once the initial investment is paid off and could be the safest, most cost effective approach. It’s just not as authentic as using a herbal vaporizer; replicating that flavor of tobacco leaves is difficult with liquids.

Indirect Savings

Besides spending less money on your materials when you vape, there is also the fact that you feel healthier than you did if you used to be a smoker. Vendors are careful not to advertise products as smoking cessation devices, but evidence and studies are more and more illustrating this aspect, along with individuals. This is a heated area due to the implications of the regulations that tag along with smoking cessation claims, but at the same time, this side of the topic is unavoidable.

Vaporizers are not smoking cessation devices, nor are they marketed that way. Do your own research into this, as much is being done by numerous entities in a manner of fields of expertise.

People get their freedom back, from not stinking like cigarettes, and they say that makes them feel much better to boot. They participate more in activities with family and friends and no longer feel ostracized because of how bad they smell or the dangers of second-hand smoke. Vapers are emotionally better off. Employers and families feel the difference too.

And from a sense of well being, that alone is going to help someone in their productivity, due to their improved mood, and the ramifications of that can be felt in their home, and at their place of employment. Consumers and their relations/employers are saving money in several ways via vapor.