VaporFi Review | Sick E-Cig Mods, Tanks and Liquids!

To start our Vapor Fi review, it’s important to point out who’s behind these products. This may be a new company on the scene, but the forces behind are some of the most impressive on the e-cig landscape.

International Vapor Group, who produced two of the top-rated brands on earth, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke, created this product line. In genius fashion, they saw a clear need in the exploding electronic cigarette market for advanced personal vaporizers for people who want to take their electronic smoking to the next level in the world of eGo-style batteries, mods and tank systems.

An initial impression of is that they emphasize the cleanliness of vaping vs. smoking really effectively. The website alone, bright with a clean white background, suggests the purity of their vaping products. If a company wants to sell e cigs as a healthy alternative to smoking, this is one way to do it.

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VaporZone E CigsVapor Fi Review

A company has to do more than create a good-looking website to sell its goods. Their goods have to sound like they are worth buying. VaporZone takes an unusual approach to creating starter kits, providing hardware but not e juice. They sell it, but separately.

Once you have that straight, you know what is missing from each starter kit. Six kits provide something for each customer’s budget, starting with a basic two-part e cigarette.

They also have an excellent selection of advanced vaporizers. These are three of their APVs pictured here.


This is where VaporFi really shines. They have an awesome line of advanced personal vaporizer kits, from the mini Air, which is really cool, and excellent for anyone looking for a vaping device that can be easily concealed away in their palms, to a number of mid-sized APVs, some with features such as variable voltage and puff counter…all the way up to the Rebel, with all the bells and whistles.


They also carry an express kit for someone looking for a product that resembles the look and size of an actual cigarette.

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Vapor Fi Starter Kits

Just when you think the electronic cigarette industry is fairly predictable, a company like VaporFi in Florida turns the tables. You have to rethink what you know about buying e-cigs and beginners’ sets when you visit their website and look at the 6 kits they have on offer. Their lineup is nothing like the rest; a lineup organized to walk electronic cigarette users through every level of vaping, from the beginning to the future.

Six Vapor Fi Starter Kits

Here is the V-Fi list in short, not in any particular order:

• Express
• Pro
• Rebel
• Pulse
• Jet
• Air

Just one difference you notice is that instead of selling a single type of e-cig with lots of different packages and possibilities, each unit comes as part of a single kit. There are no extras like power cigs and disposables to think about: it’s all been decided for you.

The Express

This is the easiest of Vapor Fi’s starter kits: the mini two-part electronic cigarette designed to introduce new vapers to the product the easiest way possible. A $29.99 starter features two batteries (most only come with one, though they are cheaper), a wall adaptor (also not commonly included elsewhere), and a USB charger. One battery provides 180mAh, the other 280mAh: nothing too powerful but about right for this sort of model. If you want to add a carry case, it costs $19.99 as does an Express battery. Refillable cartridges are priced $7.99 for five.

The Pro

Once you get used to vaping with an Express, it is tempting to consider yourself a pro vaper, which leads you to VF’s next package. At $49.99 this starter kit is a more powerful product, featuring just one 650mAh battery. The hope (and general finding) is that even smoking all day the 3.7volt battery should continue to work, so one is enough. The Pro comes with a Pro L Cartomizer, three extra atomizers, and a membership card. Atomizer heads, 10 different colored batteries, and matching BC cartomizers are sold separately.

Point of Interest

Customers will start to notice, as they look at one kit after another, that certain ones (The Express and Pro, for instance) should be used with associated Vapor Fi parts. It is not recommended that you try a V2 or Green Smoke cartridge, for instance, with a VaporFi battery or Joyetech eGo products with the Pro.

Getting Air without Leaving the Ground

The Air electronic cigarette resembles a cartridge holding graphite refills for a mechanical pencil. Appearing simple at first, turn the Air on its side, and instead of a cylinder you get a 3D ellipse. For $39.99, an Air package includes just one 350mAh battery and perhaps should contain a second one. Intermediate and heavy vapers will find it runs out before their vaping day is done. A mouthpiece, USB charger, and wall adaptor are all included too.

The Air received some mixed reviews to which Vapor Fi instantly replied cheerfully and helpfully. Their suggestions were simple, addressed to individual reviewers. They also responded to a few good reviews with thanks.

A Jet from VF

Yes, you too can own a private Jet for $79.99, one that fits in your pocket. Unlike a real jet, this one does not leave a trail of chemicals behind it as you vape. The Jet boasts an unusual shape. When tank and battery are combined, it resembles a cylinder that was squashed at the bottom into a triangle. Only one 650mAh battery is included, a cartomizer, atomizers, plus the regular chargers.

Heavy Duty Stuff

Now we get to the high end Vapor Fi hardware: their Rebel and a Pulse. This second one comes with two 750mAh, 3.7-volt batteries. Review what you just read: this is the most powerful option yet, and there are two batteries. Why the eGo-style units above do not include a second battery too is beyond me, but here you have it: futuristic design and thick vapor. Along with your usual charging devices, this one features a standing circular, cordless charger. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Pay $119.99 and feel like you just stole a priceless work of art.

With the Rebel you have two choices: stick in the shorty 600mAh battery for a small e-cig that is unobtrusive in public, or make a public announcement in favor of vaping with the long 2200mAh beast. This is a telescopic mod. Mods that allow consumers to adjust battery ratings to such extremes are telescopic because they have to make allowances for different battery dimensions.

This Variable Voltage device can be used with the Pro L, Pro XL, Platinum, or Titan tank and costs $179.99. Once you reach this point, you are vaping with the big boys (and girls).

Caveat Vapor

Here’s the one thing that many customers wish Vapor Zone would change about their starter kits: there is no vapor juice included. Customers can select Vapor Fi pre-filled cartridges or liquid independently from the decent selection at, made in the United States. It is also fine to fill tanks with juice from other companies if you prefer particular flavors by Caterpillar or Five Pawns, etc. It’s just that, for a price like $119.99 (the Pulse), and with juice listed on their website (Vapor Fi’s own no less), it seems like a small step to offer a 5ml sampler bottle: nothing much. It comes up in reviews once in a while, which are otherwise pretty steady in saying how great Vapor Zone starter kits are.

V-Fi E Liquid

VaporFi gets top marks for its high quality, US-made e liquids. They are kosher, FDA-approved, and well priced at $14.99 for 30ml. While flavors are varied enough for most tastes (choco-nut, double-apple hookah, toffee tobacco, et al.), there is the option to create a custom blend from two or three flavors, and this ends up with them having more possible flavors than anyone.

Their e-liquids contain up to 3.6% nicotine, above the usual maximum for e cig brands, so get the throat hit and nicotine punch you have been waiting for from vapor. Search for tobacco flavors separately from menthol or fruit, or just start from the beginning and examine them all.

They have wisely opted to sell both blank cartridges and pre-filled ones. There really are a lot of people who like the cartridges to be filled so vaping requires no work and they do not make a mess. After some time, most e cig users realize this creates a lot of unnecessary garbage and costs more than filling a tank or cartridge with liquid.


I respect that VaporFi does not overcharge for their accessories. Once they have your custom, some companies seem to abuse the business relationship by selling lots of useless items for too much money. The zip carry case is $9.99. If they could offer it in another color besides black, it would cease to look like a personal medical kit, but that’s splitting hairs on my part. Replacement chargers are available at decent prices for each e cig they sell.


They are also making a great marketing push in this competitive industry, including a Super Bowl commercial which we are looking forward to, here’s a teaser: