Vapor Stores

When you first get to know electronic cigarettes, you typically start with mini cigs. They look a lot like cigarettes, which is what attracts consumers to these products. Their flavors are less than authentic in some cases, batteries need charging a few times each day, and they are simply frustrating in the long run.

At least, these are the impressions of many consumers. Lots of them will persevere with mini cigs or give up smoking and vaping entirely. One thing that really bugs consumers is the waste and expense of using pre-filled cartridges.


These are very small cylinders that fit with a battery and come with their own atomizer. They contain around 1ml of juice: not a lot, considering you can get a tank that takes 4mls. Every time you use a cartridge, packaging waste is produced that cannot be recycled. Cartridges are sometimes accepted back by their manufacturers for recycling, but mostly they get thrown out. For every milliliter, you always pay more buying pre-filled cartridges.


In those early days of buying e cigs, a customer is introduced to the top rated e-cig brands like V2, Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, and White Cloud. They pay more than they should for the goods they are buying, but they are frequently incompatible with each other and generic batteries or tanks are probably out of the question unless they work with an adaptor.

Clients do not always receive discounted prices from name brand companies because these are not warehouses flexing their buying power to bring in loads of stock at bulk prices from China. If you like vaping, it is typical to step up to more powerful electronic cigarettes and the juices that go with them. When you do that, visit online vapor stores.


There are tons of online vapor stores. Along with juice, some are dedicated to carrying and selling modifiable electronic cigarettes. The names they carry include limited editions like Madz Modz and Atmizoo. Some feature only handmade wooden box mods, while most will sell you an eGo model of some description plus tanks and other accessories for rebuilding atomizers and tanks.

Expect to see most online retailers carrying at least an assortment of power levels and control options, including basic 510-threaded Joyetech eGos and variable voltage equipment from Smoktech that costs under $100.

Vapor Shops are not Just Hardware Stores

So far I have highlighted the hardware available at vapor stores, but vapor stores are mostly concerned with selling e-juice. Many companies have sprung up in the United States making their own juice, like Mount Baker Vapor and Five Pawns; Caterpillar and Halo. You always know U.S.-made vapor is out there for sale. What is the difference between them?

Customizable Juice

A number of companies provide the opportunity to customize juice in some way. Apart from choosing a level of nicotine (some as high as more than 40mg), they give you the option to mix flavors that are not already combined under a unique title.

Customers can add a second flavor shot to one or both flavors. They can add caffeine, vitamins, and change the ratio of ingredients. The two suspensions used in making e-juice are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. If you have lots of the former, vapor production is said to be thicker.

Types of Juice

Flavors you will find online fall into categories. There are drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but do not contain alcohol), or coffee and tea more specifically, sweets, fruits, even vegetables, tobacco, menthol, and sometimes odd items like bacon. You never know what a person is going to want to try and it’s his money. Vapor juice is non-returnable.

There are typical juice styles like chocolate, 555, RY4, and menthol; vanilla, grape, cherry, and coffee. The list goes on with about every fruit on the planet and many of the spices. A number of candies, desserts, and cocktails have been simulated as well.


You have probably read that you get the quality of juice you have paid for. That is not always true. Like e-cig manufacturers of old (or relatively old, say 5 years ago), some juice makers overcharge. They call their juice “gourmet,” make just ten flavors, then encourage people to pay way too much for it. Customers will too because the juice sells out quickly, making it appear extra special.

Maybe their juice really is worth your while. Taste is so subjective you can never tell who will appreciate the pricy stuff, or the cache of using it. Vapor juice is often described using similar terminology to wine descriptions of flavor notes, highlights, undercurrents, after taste, and so on.

Pricing also includes shipping, so look at that figure too when calculating the overall cost of your liquid. Certain online stores also have retail outlets. You can order online but pick up bottles in person.

Bottle Sizes

There is the small problem of choosing a bottle size. A number of companies sell their juice in 15ml, 20ml, or 30ml bottles, but nothing smaller. While you save money in a sense (more is cheaper overall, which you notice when given sizing choices), you have to buy a lot of juice before even tasting.

Grape e-liquid by four different companies can taste like four different types of juice. One will resemble a cheap red wine. Another will remind you of medicine. A third will evoke memories of hard candies. Finally, the fourth tastes like grapes straight off the vine. Reviews are helpful, but your palate has the last word.

If you can buy a sample bottle, then take that opportunity. Some companies send these out for free with orders over a certain size or with starter kits. Also, if a company operates both online and in a vapor lounge, go for a taste test, vaping as many juices as you can in one sitting (with a note pad at your disposal). Later you have the details for a big juice purchase.

A lot of forum writers remind readers to let juice steep. It will often taste better after a few days. Also, check that a style of juice will not destroy your polycarbonate tank.