Best Vape Tanks

The following sub ohm vessels do a job and they do it with style. The top 10 vape tanks of 2016 to this point are all well made items, chosen here because of sales and ratings by the public. You will see some familiar names but a few surprises, but certain features are expected. Each tank can be disassembled completely for a thorough clean or to swap out a broken glass tube or burned-out coil. They are all threaded in order to fit onto 510-threaded vape mods.

Top 10 Vape Tanks; Attractive And Functional

1. Stratos Tank by Council of Vapor

Council of Vapor is emerging to become a force in the e cig business, especially in the category of luxury tanks. Their Stratos line includes a version made from gold-plated brass although a more affordable stainless steel version is also available. There are four coil options, so you can vary your vaping experience, adjustable airflow and a retractable pin, and capacity for 3.5 ml of e juice.

2. JoyeTech eGo ONE Tank

The Extra-Large eGo One holds up to 2.5 ml of e juice, so it’s all relative in this game. This is still a diminutive item but doesn’t lack any features as a result: airflow adjustment, stainless steel hardware, and various resistance choices. Select VW or TC coils and fill e juice from the bottom. It’s strange that this format doesn’t put off more vapers, but then this is JoyeTech and their designs are always attractive.

3. Kangertech Subtank Nano

Kanger comes a close third with their 3-ml Subtank Nano, another well-made, much-loved tank. Install organic cotton coils with a big heating section and durable construction from stainless steel and glass. Refills are also from the bottom. Although the Toptank is here with top-filling capacity, people still love the bottom-fill Subtank.

4. SMOKTech VCT Pro

SMOK’s TFV4 might sound like the winner in their catalogue, but a SMOK VCT Pro attracts more vapers with wide-valve airflow control and rectangular e juice holes to improve saturation. This tank comes complete with 0.6 and 0.2-ohm coils containing organic cotton plus US-made wire. The SMOK VCT Pro is an amazing size: 5 ml. That is the largest one on this top 10 list, but with bottom-fill sub ohm tanks this size proves very helpful.

5. Council of Vapor Typhoon Atomizer

Since Council of Vapor already made it to the top, it’s hardly surprising they should make and sell another winner that’s featured lower down the list. Their ceramic coil fibers don’t flood or burn and they create a pure flavor vapers are going to love. They wear down more slowly than cotton inside a mesh covering made of metal and a glass tank surrounded by sturdy hardware. This 2.5-ml sub-ohm tank measures 22 mm across and is serialized for the benefit of collectors.

6. Joyetech Delta II Sub Ohm Tank

A 0.5-ohm atomizer head features liquid valve control or LVC so you have the option to let in a little bit of e juice or a little more. Airflow is easy to adjust and there’s an optional RBA piece if you like building coils. Use the coil included for vaping at up to 45W, but an RBA will open you up to TC vapes and higher output. The Delta II holds 3.5 ml of e liquid, is 22 mm across, and can also be fitted with pre-built Ni200 and Titanium coils.

7. Horizon Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank by Horizon Tech

The Arctic’s Bottom Turbine Dual Coil (BTDC) has been a revolution, encouraging greater amounts of airflow, not to mention 4 airflow adjustment valves. This tank can handle 100 watts with the 0.2-ohm coil but a cooling feature prevents vapers burning themselves. Drip in 2.5 ml of e juice and coils made with USA Kanthal and organic cotton will supply pure-tasting vapor. Arctic also supplies Ni200 and Bottom Turbine Coils for their 22-mm glass tank with resistance of 0.5 and 1.2 ohms available.

8. Innokin iSub G Tank

The iSub line is attractive, but only glass is sufficient for sub ohm vaping even though the original is sold in attractive colors. Try the iSub G with its impressively large 3.8-ml design, no-spill coil swapping setup, and deep coil configuration to prevent leaking but maximize clouds. The price is right without any losses: construction is still stainless steel plus glass with Japanese organic cotton coils and a removable drip tip as is standard.

9. Aspire Triton

They used to be top dogs, but Aspire still inspires, this time with the Triton. Compared with some of these items, the Aspire Triton is old, having been released several months ago. New gimmicks have come along, but the Triton still stays true to Aspire’s exceptional design and manufacturing standards. Choose airflow, swap drip tips, and fill to 3.5 ml inside of glass and steel. The tube filament is also made from surgical stainless steel. Go ahead and refill e juice from the top for the most convenient and tidiest method which will also take you no time at all. Aspire packages their set with 0.4 and 1.8-ohm coils, but other replacements include an RTA kit you can buy separately so as to rebuild coils to your personal specifications including Nickel 200 for temperature control vaping.

10. Eleaf Melo 2

Eleaf is well known for their line of small mods, the iStick, but they are also responsible for some functional and affordable tanks. The Melo 2 is just one of them, and it comes with an unusual design feature: side-fill. Add e juice to your 4.5-ml Melo 2 from the side of the tank rather than the bottom or top so as not to spill e juice. This valve is located near the drip tip to prevent leakage and lets a bit of hot air out before it gets to your lips. The insulated mouthpiece helps to keep your lips cool too. Coils contain pure organic cotton and are available in several styles such as Nickel 200 and Titanium. The 22-mm Melo 2 kit arrives with Kanthal wire installed and is perfectly suited to the iStick 60 watt Temperature Control device which Eleaf had in mind when they were designing this tank.