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By Greg Morrison

My V2 Cigs e cigarette starter kit just arrived today, so I’m starting our review of V2 Cigs. It’s the economy starter kit which came with a battery, charger and ten Red 18 cartridges.

V2 Basic E Cig ComponentsAs they are a constantly evolving and improving company, they’ve since made a new basic standard kit, called the standard starter kit, pictured below.

The difference is now it has 2 batteries, which trust me you’ll be glad you got if you like them.

Whether you are just starting out, or just want the best, they have a starter kit for everyone.

There’s the very basic kit (pictured here), all the way up to their Ultimate Kit, which has EVERYTHING and then some (the most stacked starter kit out there).

We recommend getting a starter kit for beginners to make sure you get everything needed (we HIGHLY recommend making sure you get two batteries).

Buy Direct From The Company At: http://v2cigs.com

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Quick Points:

  • Exceptional Flavor and Vapor Production. If you’re looking for something that’s like an actual tobacco cigarette, V2 is VERY close. Check out their Red flavor for tobacco, or their menthol, and they have some excellent dessert flavors, like coffee and vanilla.
  • Perfect Selection of Options and Accessories. Once you find you want to take things further, they have some of the most technologically advanced batteries you can upgrade to, amazing portable charging cases and a few other very useful additions, like drip tips.
  • E-Liquid Choices. We love the fact that they also sell their e-cig juice, so you can refill your own (more about that below). And they also have their EX-Blanks, which are essentially mini-tanks, which is a common next move for people who want to take things to the next level. ON TOP OF THAT – we’ve heard some rumors of more products they have in store, which are honestly mind blowing, super awesome stuff!

We think you can’t go wrong with V2 Cigs, whether you want to try out e-cigarette for the first time, or are looking for an excellent product!


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

One huge plus about V2 Cigs, is on their site: v2cigs.com, they have refill liquid, unlike most other top brands, such as Green Smoke and South beach Smoke. If you buy e liquid and refill your own cartridges, this will really help keep the costs down big time! (Click on any of the refill liquid choices on their site to also see their page that has a bunch of ways you can refill the cartridges)
V2 Standard Kit

I’ve been looking forwards to trying these since I’ve seen them around and they’re obviously pretty popular. (I have since tried them and just ordered my second restock if that is indicative of how much I like them).

Greg V2Update 1: Greg added his review of V2 Cigs, and they are his #1 pick out of the best electronic cigarettes. Check out Greg’s review here.

Update 2: I have since this initial post tried out my V2 Cig a lot more, and it is a great electronic cigarette, and has become my favorite. They have won me over, as this is the e cig that I am vaping most of the time now. I also use the V2 E Liquid with some other e cigs also. I go into their liquid below.

Update 3: V2 vs Green Smoke live review by Martin

As usual with electronic cigarette starter kits, I love the packaging, as they always seem to come in a really cool box, and after getting a few different starter kits, I’ve started looking forwards to the cool accessories etc.

One point is that it comes with one battery, so you may want to consider getting an extra battery so you are good to go when it needs a charge.

There were ten cartridges that it came with the starter kit, and you do have the option of which flavors and nicotine strength you want.

I’ve been puffing away on it for a while now, and I’m loving it. The standard battery lasted around a half hour or so after I opened the box, and then I charged it quick, and am now going through the V2 Red 18 cartridge, which is pretty good! (This was my after trying them out for the first time).

Update 4: Check out Greg’s review of the V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit here (for people who aren’t playing around).

V2 Red E LiquidOne huge bonus I found with some searching is that there is a way to refill these cartridges with V2 E Liquid. I shot a video about how to refill the cartridges if you want to save some extra money (none of the other top brands like South Beach Smoke or Green Smoke have this option). You can watch the video of me refilling the cartridges here.

I ordered the 25 ml bottle, which you can see in my video, which is sufficient for I would say a couple weeks, depending on how heavily you vape. Whether it’s 2 or 3 weeks, it will be a substantial savings regardless.

The one down side with V2 is their battery life of the standard sized batteries. They tend to just last just a couple hours or so of pretty constant vaping. They are really easy to recharge, but if you go somewhere you’ll want to bring more than one with you.


I will be trying out their long battery now (August 30, 2013), and see how that lasts. You do have options, such as car charger, portable charging case, and a USB charger that helps, and then just bring an extra battery if you head out. (All those accessories come with the Ultimate Kit).

Battery Update: I have been using a ‘Long’ battery for a week or so now, and shot a quick video. Go here to see the video about their Long Battery and EX Blanks. I can tell you the upgraded batteries last substantially longer, and with these, V2 has redeemed themselves with battery life.

V2 also has a nice referral incentives program. It allows you to save money when you refer family and friends. If you want to see the specifics on that we have a short video from the company you can see here, and you can find information about it at the bottom of their site. It will save you around $15 per referral, so it’s worth checking out, and will also save whomever you refer a few bucks.


Visit their site: http://v2cigs.com


V2 CigsThe Company

One development as this industry grows exponentially is V2 Cigs expanded to an affiliation with National Tobacco. They have partnered with ZigZag, which is a tobacco company, a move that garnered a lot of attention.

It is shocking to some as a lot of customers snub their noses at any e cig company affiliated with a tobacco company, disgusted as they are by the tobacco industry overall, especially since they know how smoking nearly cost them their lives.

Then again, it is for a good reason, and we’d all rather see this industry grow in any way it can.


V2 Cigs has a lot going for it. This BBB-accredited business is still one of the top players in this industry. They continue to add products to their lineup as customers talk about wanting more battery power and their expectations become increasingly sophisticated.

A lot of clients comment on the breadth of choice regarding starter kits. Every budget appears to be represented, although the highest one makes the cheapest kit sound like a bargain. This just goes to show how smart the marketing team at V2 Cigs really is.

The company regularly releases coupon codes which can be found online. How current these are and whether they work or not has to be tested by the consumer, but discounts on their website are also a regular feature.


Ex-smokers who were able to quit with the help of V2 Cigs universally applaud them, whether they love the brand today or not. Lots of these people gave up vaping too, while others graduated to eGo products and mods.

These positive reviews stress the fact that V2 Cigs helped them quit. They state very little about the product itself, except by implication. There had to be some great aspects to it for these die-hard smokers to give up their bad habit.

A lot of reviewers say the flavors are a high point. Some consumers feel (or once felt) that the brand made it affordable to switch. Many are impressed by how close a V2 electronic cigarette is to the real thing, looking and feeling much like an analog. V2 Cigs is not the only brand to achieve this, but it was one of the first.

Innovation is in V2’s favor. They have added EX batteries with longer life but also a larger size. They do not look like analogs when attached to their matching cartridges (to be released in 2014), but they last longer and are beautiful.

Accessories include portable charging cases in two sizes, cases, chargers, and batteries. Disposables and power cigs are also sold if you want a cheaper alternative to buying the whole kit, although you will need cartridges for the power cig. A power cig kit comes with some cartridges and is an inexpensive way to get started.

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V2 Cigs Essentials


Opinions are divided over V2 cartridges and liquids. You could possibly love or hate them, but there appears to be little middle ground. Sensibly enough, standard flavors are offered. That formula of selling about 10 fruit, dessert, menthol, and tobacco options seems to be working.

Cartridges are foil-sealed and their batch number is included to show they were tested and to provide the consumer with information. Although you cannot return a cartridge because you don’t like the flavor, if anything else is amiss the number gives you a place to start your complaint.

We personally like all of their flavors!

V2 Flavors



Cool Cases:

Cool Cases

Great Disposables – Now Zig Zags Available:

Zig Zag Disposables

Nice Line Of Starter Kits (Couple’s Kit Pictured Here):

Starter Kits

Forget that first starter kit with one battery. It only looks cheap because the most expensive one costs over $100. One battery is inadequate for a mini cig. They run out of power so quickly that some consumers have to charge them multiple times each day. Two-battery kits are where you should start.

The Standard Plus from V2 Cigs is good value, perhaps the best, because it contains goods costing way in excess of the price. The portable charging case alone has contributed to big sales for this one. Having the choice to buy automatic or manual batteries is also a plus.

A lot of new e-smokers prefer an automatic battery because it simulates the usual smoking experience and requires no learning curve. A manual battery, however, provides the vaper with added control over vapor warmth and production. He gets vapor on the draw right away.

Including blank cartridges is also a wise move by V2 Cigs. It is true that if you vape as little or as much as you used to smoke analogs, electronic cigarettes are cheaper. They become cheaper still if you refill blank cartridges (these are easy to open and fill) from a bottle of juice. The standard rules apply: buy more of something and it costs less in the long run. Purchasing a 15ml bottle of liquid is cheaper per milliliter than 1ml cartridges.

Refilling blanks creates less waste too. Pre-filled cartridges go straight in the garbage. Blanks can be used multiple times, while it only takes a few drops to fill each one.

V2 Couples Kit

Starter Kit Comparison Chart:

V2 Starter Kit Chart

Here we have an electronic cigarette comparison chart of V2 Cigs vs the leaders in the industry from the V2 Website.

E Liquid Available!:

V2 E Liquid



V2 Cigs carries adaptors so that if you like their cartridges but not their batteries, you can stick with the V2 flavors but use some other brand of batteries. For instance, Type 1 is compatible with Red Dragon, Green Smoke, and Bloog batteries.

When using the second type of adaptor, you can add a Smoke Stik, Cloud 9, or NJOY battery. The smart thing about this move is that it resembles the Miracle on 34th Street principle: if your customers are not happy, help them find what they want elsewhere. As a result, they will keep shopping with you.

Last Words

These are one of the best electronic cigarettes out there, and we think you’ll be very happy with them

I think V2 is just going to keep growing though. They now carry an off-shoot called Vapor Couture designed for women: a line of slim e-cigs in shiny, feminine colors. Their EX line will give them more power and provide more choice to consumer who might have otherwise jumped ship for a JoyeTech or a Halo Triton.



Visit: http://v2cigs.com

Video From The Company: