Ready to take your vaping to the next level? Here’s some of the best e-cigarette mods we’ve tried.

Many vapers start looking into mods after vaping and realizing they love it, and it has become a bit of a hobby for many.

For basic mods, we love the V2 EX Blanks that you can add right onto their standard sized batteries, to get a taste of the tank experience without needing a full upgrade.

Then there is the Halo Cigs Triton Tank system which is a great upgraded e-cig, and one of the most popular in the world.

Our favorite brand for this is VaporZone, who has a great line of upgraded e-cigs, as well as standard sized e-cigs. They also have a killer line of e-cig juice, which you can cuztomize with whatever flavor mixes you want.

Adjustable Mods

But these are not mods per se. With a mod you get many of the extra features and sometimes the shape will be unusual. An adjustable mod is often a tube without a battery: you have to buy one separately or it comes as part of a kit for you to slide in. Some devices have built-in rechargeable batteries you can’t take out.

With telescopic mods the battery you choose can be big or small but the mod body is unscrewed (or tightened) to accommodate variable battery size. Mechanical mods are not adjustable unless they accept the addition of a Kick which is a detachable adjustment tool.

Batteries do not make variable voltage units capable of changing their output; that power comes from a microprocessor which communicates between the atomizer, battery, and screen. This screen shows your voltage and/or wattage depending on your model of adjustable e cig. It often reports how many puffs you have taken and usually indicates the amount of charge your battery has left.

Models of variable voltage and variable wattage e cigs include the Vamo, Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, Volcano LavaTube, Smok SID, and JoyeTech eVic Supreme. Whereas a Spinner or Twist battery is priced around $30, these high-tech items cost anything from $40 to $100 without the addition of a battery or tank. When choosing tanks to go with them, vapers often select carefully so as to pair quality performance at the electrical end with a fine quality clearomizer or tank. The best examples are made of glass (Pyrex or borosilicate) and are rebuildable.

VaporFi Vox 50 ModBox Mod

Vapers and e cig designers have come to understand the value of variable wattage as opposed to voltage. With variable wattage much of the math is already done for the user.

He selects wattage; his microprocessor knows what to do with volts by reading resistance from the coil. With variable voltage, users have to carefully pair volts with ohms.

The latest vaping craze is for box mods with built-in chips that allow a machine to reach watts of from 20 to 150, even 180 in one instance. Higher-wattage mods need two batteries; the others usually utilize one only. As watts go higher, ohms can be much lower than before; even as low as 0.15 ohms.

This is why many vapers using box mods pay careful attention to the threading of a device so it will allow them to add their desired rebuildable atomizer, perhaps even a dripper which was designed specifically for sub-ohm vaping. These vapers also shop for high-vegetable glycerin juice and are choosy about brands of e liquid.

Built-in power brings with it built-in protection. You find this to be true in tube mods like the JoyeTech eVic and the Innokin MVP, but with a high-wattage box mod protection is much more important. Without it, there is greater danger of blowing a battery or destroying circuitry. You need short-circuit protection, protection against battery reversal, low voltage, high voltage, and overheating. Box mods are typically vented and sometimes feature an automatic shut-off mode for times when a high temperature is detected.

Brands of Box mods currently popular are the VaporShark DNA, VaporFi Vox 50, IPV 100, and Sigelei 100. A Hana Modz box mod is hugely attractive both because they come in lots of lovely colors but also because they are made in the USA. A VaporFi Vox 50 is unusually shaped, featuring some tube-like, some box-shaped features. The screen on one of these units shows ohms, volts, battery charge, and watts.

If you get excited about high-wattage, don’t rush to buy a mod just yet. Some recent releases have yet to be fully tested by customers and there is plenty of stock: be patient and read reviews. Some items seem to offer a huge range of watt selection, but new mods are being released regularly with an even wider range.

Box Mod Caution

You might discover that 100 watt to 200 watt mods don’t provide anything more than a 50 watt to 100 watt box gave you, or even 30 watts. If you want to vape at sub-ohms, 30 watts is plenty. It’s only competitors and those who have to have the new thing (no matter what it is) who benefit from extremes.

Step back from the hype and $200 price tags to see what really differentiates models. A VV/VW tube mod could be more comfortable in your hand. The MVP 2.0 is a power bank as well as an e cig. Some units are made in the United States. Certain models contain the DNA chip by Evolv which offers more protective functions than others and is better in so many ways than a lot of clones.

Consider size: a few of these boxes are huge and awkward. Getting the battery out could require a screwdriver unless the back is magnetic or slides up and down.