Halo G6 E Cig Review | Electronic Cigarette Reviews

I’ll start our Halo G6 e cig review on my first impressions.

Right out of the box, this is a unique and very nice quality product, and is one of the sharpest looking e cigs I’ve seen.

Halo G6The box itself was different from the typical boxes starter kits come in, with a snap shut top, and a nice sleek material, very nice attention to aesthetics!

The batteries that I received were a short manual and long automatic. The automatic seemed to last quite a while.

Then when I switched to the manual battery, it was pretty powerful, and produced just about as much vape as my eGo Twist 650 at 4 volts or so, which was pretty interesting.

Speaking of the eGo Twist, we’ve just received an Iridescence Halo Triton. They have the Triton Tank system, which is a larger sized battery, and they are very sharp!

I will come back with more specifics, and after some more usage, but so far I am really liking these.

The cartridges have a really easy to remove piece so you can refill them without needing anything to pry them out if you don’t press it all the way in, and right out of the gate they have a number of different types of e liquid on their site, so that’s some nice cost savings, if you refill some of your own.

They have a nice line up of e cig juice, and so far I have tried the Tribeca Flavor, which is a great tobacco flavor, with a nice throat hit.

Visit them at: halocigs.com

Here is what comes inside the basic G6 starter kit: