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By Greg Morrison

I’ve had my Green Smoke e cigarette starter kit for a few weeks now, so I’m going to start our review based on the couple flavors of their cartomizers that I’ve tried. This is Martin by the way.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes and checking out the different brands, you really can’t go wrong with Green Smoke. They are one of our top picks, make a great product, and have excellent customer service.

You can buy direct at the official website:

For purchases, use our Green Smoke coupon to save some money!

Green Smoke BatteryUpdate 1: I have since delved much further into Green Smoke, and done some more in depth comparisons, as well as tried out some more flavors since this initial post, and it’s one of my absolute top picks for electronic cigarettes. Red Label is my personal favorite flavor through them.

Pictured below is the Express Kit, which is what I started with. I will probably order another battery, and I would probably order the Classic Starter Kit, were I to order it again. Having a spare battery is pretty cool so you can have one charging while the other is in use.

Update 2: I have since ordered a spare battery, since I enjoyed Green Smoke so much, and also wanted to try some more flavors. I have tried the Tobacco Gold, Mocha and Vanilla, and am quite pleased with them all. Giving unbiased reviews, I would like to be able to offer a criticism about the flavors, but I don’t have one.

** My favorites, in order would be:

  • Red Label 24%
  • Red Label 18%
  • Tobacco Gold 24%
  • Vanilla
  • Mocha

** See the full list below


Express Kit


There are a couple cool things about Green Smoke compared to some other e cigs I’ve tried. One of the most stand out aspects is how long the cartomizers last.

They seem to defy the laws of physics, compared to the others I’ve tried since they seem to last forever. In reality I get a good 6-8 or so hours out of a cartomizer, when I use it quite a lot, and I’m a pretty heavy smoker, or vapor if you will.

Both the Tobacco Full Flavor and the Red Label do some justice in being similar to real cigarettes. They have a slightly sweet taste to them, which I personally like.

I go more in depth about these, and how they fare against V2 in the comparison video I mentioned above.

They also give off a pretty decent amount of vape, the most of any I have tried, and the thickest by far. I have seen some reviews that say otherwise, and wonder if Green Smoke has since upgraded, since they do stand out. This may not be for everyone, but vape thickness is one part they have down nice.

The throat hit is medium, and still decent.

The battery has a nice life to it. It is a bit bigger than some other average e cig batteries, and has a tad more weight, so that is a variance that would be to your preference.

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Interesting review:

My sister came over and she’s also into e cigarettes. She’s actually a veteran of sorts, and who primarily got me into these. I had her try the Green Smoke, with the Tobacco Full Flavor. She REALLY liked it, and in her opinion, it’s definitely the best of the regular tobacco flavors out there, and she’s tried quite a few.

I also had her try the V2, and believe it or not, she said that was too much like a real cigarette, for her taste, since she’s been on e cigs only for over a year, and really likes the flavors she uses (cotton candy and mint being two of her tops).

Update: not sure how, but she has been converted to V2, as I have been using the V2 Red a lot lately. I had some of the V2 E Liquid mixed in with my Halo G6, and she wanted to try it, and it grew on her. Last week we ordered a 25ml bottle of Red 18 for her, and that’s her favorite now. That’s the thing with these, after a while you may enjoy switching it up, as I do switch flavors pretty often.

I can see why Green Smoke is rated extremely well in the e cig community, and I recommend it for anyone looking to try out a top quality e cig that hopes for one that resembles real cigarettes, or just wants a quality, proven product.

I would also recommend trying other flavors. I have enjoyed having a number of different flavors. Vaping has its differences to tobacco smoking, as I personally liked my cigarettes, and don’t think I ever switched flavors.

I always loved my Marlboros, and am not sure why exactly, but I honestly prefer the taste of Green Smoke.


The one main pet peeve I have is that they don’t offer the refill option for their cartridges, as in refilling them with a Green Smoke e liquid, which can greatly help cut costs. For example, V2 Cigs has refill liquid and an in-depth tutorial page in how to do this.

Now, their cartridges do last longer than the others I have tried, and produce thicker vape, so this may be forgivable in some places. (Or you could do like me and just get both V2 and Green Smoke).

Were I going on a road trip, I would bring Green Smoke over all others, for how both the batteries and cartridges last. Of course, when you’re a smoker, you’re willing to shell out for your favorite, without hesitation, so the flavor may eclipse all other factors. In my case, honestly I really love both V2 and Green Smoke

The other slight down side would be they aren’t the cheapest brand out there. If money is your main factor, then you’ll want to see our page on the cheapest e cigs here.

Then again, you will still save money over smoking real cigarettes substantially if you supplement your habit with these, or any others.

Their kits range from $29.99, for the absolute bare essentials, and up (the Express Kit I have I paid $59.99 for). Check out the chart comparison page directly below for a more specific side by side comparison.

The comparison below is a for Green Smoke kits. If you want to see how they stack against some other top brands like V2, BullSmoke and South beach Smoke, as in the price of the basic kits, and what come with each, check out our basic starter kit comparison page here.

Overall they are a great e cig, and some would call them one of the Cadillac brands of electronic cigarettes, and they come with all sorts of accessories like cool carrying cases, and even nicely designed batteries, and you really can’t go wrong with Green Smoke, just have a look at all the customer reviews on their site.

Their Site:

Here’s a review video I made so you can see the basic components and some other aspects:

More On Green Smoke And Saving Money With Vaping Products

E cigarettes are making a big splash in countries around the world. An increasing number of smokers and even people who have never smoked have discovered a way to enjoy smoking pleasure without spending a lot of money or suffering any social stigmas.

They are even discovering a new found freedom because these devices are not cigarettes. Using them does not count as smoking so customers of companies like Green Smoke can go anywhere and still relish the flavor of nicotine without suffering discrimination.

Green SmokeWhat Are E Cigarettes?

E cigarettes, or e cigs, are cleverly designed devices that let people experience the joys of nicotine without including all the complications that tobacco cigarettes entail. There is no tobacco involved. The e cig delivers nicotine content and sensation in liquid form.

An e cig is composed of two or three separate parts, often available in starter kits. The cartridge contains the fluid tinged with a nicotine concentration. At the buyer’s discretion, this cartridge can also contain a special flavor.

Some vapers prefer the various tobacco tastes that companies like Green Smoke instill into their nicotine fluids. Others prefer exotic flavors such as chocolate or even pina colada.

While some e cigs contain a separate mouthpiece, many devices combine this with the atomizer. The name is just as shocking as the action it performs. When nicotine fluid from the cartridge flows into the atomizer, a heated filament there vaporizes the liquid so that it can be inhaled. This is more astounding than it may sound. This vapor is not smoke so the person is not technically smoking, but is vaping, and many people who vape are quite vocal about this, as they want people to know what it is.

How E Cigs Save Money and More

There are a lot of reasons to switch over to e cigarettes if you are presently a smoker. A lot of people would love an alternative. The cost savings is a huge draw to try out an electronic cigarette.

E cigs let people completely avoid the smell from the smoke caused by tobacco cigarettes. The fluids in their cartridges contain pure nicotine mixed with flavorings, and propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. When inhaled, you get the pleasant sensations that you have always associated with smoking, and many brands like Green Smoke do a great job of being similar to the real thing, both in flavor, and that kick in the back of your throat.

At the same time, you can save money. If you examine the price of a nicotine cartridge and a pack of cigarettes, you will see that you get much more smoking time out of a cartridge for a lot less money. This is particularly true when you consider how affordably priced the cartridges at Green Smoke are.

Finally, many people enjoy the lifting of the stigma that has excluded them from restaurants and even bars over the last two or three decades. Using an e cig is not the same as smoking, and there are bars and restaurants that allow vaping, although not all, so you will need to be sure of this. A few e-cigs have a different colored tip, such as a blue color, so as to not look like the reddish amber from a cigarette ash.

You can use them in some places at your leisure. No one will complain about the odor because there is very little if any odor, and typically they release a pleasant smell.

Green Smoke: The Ideal Introduction to E Cigs

If your interest is piqued, visit the Green Smoke website. They can set you up with a starter kit for a low price and introduce you to their affordable and enjoyable e cigarettes.

In Depth Review Of The Company

When you read internet comments from Green Smoke customers and reviewers, the same impression keeps resonating from them: Green Smoke is probably the best. Year after year, they impress customers and editors. The customer base is replenished as more and more individuals use e cigs as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or move over to advanced vaping devices. Some of their customers use both, while others prefer the simple e cig for social smoking and the occasional puff.

Green Smoke Keeps a Winning Formula

The saying goes if something is not broken, stop tinkering around. You’ll just mess it up. Green Smoke seems to have taken that wisdom to heart by keeping the same formula they started with and not really changing it a whole lot. They only sell mini cigs: two-piece items resembling traditional cigarettes. If anything, their vapor production has probably improved as batteries become better, but they have always been lauded for fantastic vapor production, better than any other in the category.

Green Smoke Review from Customers

What do real people say about Green Smoke? Whether they are Green Smoke customers or independent reviewers, all of them comment on vapor. They are surprised by the plumes this brand creates in spite of its size. Shipping is really quick, impressively so even for customers from overseas. They stand out; no other e cig company their customers have tried (and many tried cheaper versions before discovering Green Smoke) matched or approached them for quality and customer service.

Reminders and promotional emails are sent out regularly, but not so much as to be pushy.

Customers do not want to spend a lot of time calling the help line because that means they have problems, but when they do, answers are respectful, patient and prompt. In fact, sometimes, having issues is a good way to test customer service where Green Smoke shines.

Other comments relate to the general aspects of vaping as opposed to smoking, like being able to vape in public. If there are any complaints, these are the two: pricing and no refillable tanks.

The Green Vaping Community

Just think about it: Green Smoke presents itself as an environmentally conscientious business, and in many ways it is. You can return empty cartomizers for recycling and receive rewards for doing so. They exhort customers to please recycle batteries so they do not leach chemicals into landfills.

What they do not do is provide refillable cartridges, perhaps because Green Smoke does not sell its own juice. I’m going to predict that they will soon create their own juice or partner with a brand, offering bottles online and the refillable cartridges to go with them. That is the way this industry is going. A blank cartridge typically lasts for 5 or more refills: that is four or more cartridges not going into landfill. Refilling is also cheaper for the customer, especially considering these are possibly the highest priced cartridges at almost $17 for 5. Green Smoke could probably argue they are sealed better, fresher, and just better overall. They are triple-sealed and lab tested to make sure products are suitable for customers to use.

I still call $17 expensive when brands like Volcano sell their 5-packs for $9.99. I’m sure Green Smoke cartridges are not twice as good as theirs.

Tasting Green Smoke Vapor

E cig vapor is talked about as though it has no aroma, but it does. Smell is a huge part of how we taste things. A pleasant scent makes flavors tastier. Green Smoke vapor does possess an odor, a good one, not like a car engine (which is what analogs remind me of).

Pre-filled cartridges are available in the flavors you have come to expect from e cig companies, chosen because they are popular. There is no good reason to switch up the selection when this list works. You can get your vanilla or chocolate fix without putting on weight, try mocha without the buzz of caffeine, or lineup a tobacco variety as you once did with a cigarette.

Absolute Tobacco is said to be natural and lightly sweet. Red Label is a bold alternative. Tobacco Gold is more like a cigar. Menthol Ice has been described as cool but smooth, while Mocha Mist is fresh with chocolate notes. If you want a creamy vape, vanilla is it. Smooth Chocolate tastes rich, like real chocolate. Finally, descriptions of Mountain Clove make it sound warm, just what you want and what could be missing from vaping as compared with smoking: that warm feeling.

Get up to 2.4% nicotine with your cartridge. Percentages are staggered down to nothing.

Starter Kits from Green Smoke

First-time vapers start here: with a starter kit. The Green Smoke Express Kit sells for just under $60 with one battery and a USB or Power Cig: a device that connects to any USB port. Five cartridges and the power kit are included.

Consider buying the Express and a second battery, which will be cheaper than ordering a Pro Kit, priced about $85, but it will come with fewer items. This next kit on the list provides that second battery, twice as many cartridges, a USB charger, wall adaptor, car charger, and a carry case. You want the case because it will give you a way to organize pieces so they are not falling out of your pocket, leaking (if they leak, which some cartridges do), or rolling off of your table or desk constantly. The car charger is not just a token extra to boost the price but a really great idea for people who vape in their cars.

The Look of Green Smoke

A few companies make a big deal about jazzy batteries with multiple shiny colors or skins or rhinestones. That’s all great for the e cig user who wants to stand out in a crowd and draw attention to vaping. It’s fabulous for someone who does not need the analog look and feel to be convinced that he has not made a terribly big leap from smoking to vaping. For the average smoker, however, a traditional look and weight are part of the Green Smoke appeal.
For 10% savings on purchases of $99.97 and above:

Green Smoke 10% OFF GREEN SMOKE ORDERS OVER $99.97
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Green Smoke Essentials

Flavors Available:

Green Smoke Flavors

Disposables (For Maximum Convenience):

Green Smoke Disposables

Cool Accessories:

Green Smoke Leather Cases

Designer Batteries:

Green Smoke Designer Batteries

Maxed Out Starter Kit (Love Birds Kit):

Love Birds Kit

Green Smoke Starter kit Comparison:

Green Smoke Starter Kit Comparison



Video from the company:



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