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Any news on electronic cigarettes that we find that we think our readers will find useful will be published here.

Anyone slightly in the know within this industry knows there are a few aspects that are still widely up in the air, predominantly the health impacts of electronic cigarettes, how much better they are for anyone as opposed to tobacco cigarettes, how and if the FDA will regulate the products, and if there will be legislature restricting their use in any public places.

Those are the key highlights that are floating around, with many in speculation.

As for proponents of the industry, and there are quite a lot, which may hint at why any massive decisions about any of the aforementioned aspects, may have been stalled, things do look good, with both positive speculations in industry growth, along with seeing essentially all the biggest manufacturers of tobacco cigarettes jumping on board, such as the manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, as well as the manufacturer of Camel cigarettes.

There are also some notable movements within media and entertainment, such as Playboy launching their own brand, as well as certain headlines such as Sean Parker being noted as sending $75 million towards the development of Njoy.



2014 Electronic Cigarettes News:

February 19, 2014:

Electronic Cigarette/Bluetooth (Time)

February 17, 2014:

Local Smokers’ Thoughts On Vaping (Pennlive)

February 15, 2014:

How electronic cigarettes could save lives (Washington Post)


2013 Electronic Cigarettes News:


October 11, 2013:

The Week published an article about New York’s first vaping bar. Read the article here.

September 20, 2013:

The New York Post wrote an article on e cigs, and how they are popular at New York’s fashion week.

Read the full article here.
September 30, 2013 Time Magazine Cover

E cigs are on the cover of Time Magazine for the September 30, 2013 issue. Go here to read the intro of the article at Time online.

(Click the image to the right to see the full sized version).

September 17, 2013:

There was an article in Forbes Magazine, about how e cigs sales have exceeded 1 billion, with mentions of V2 Cigs, NJOY and Blu Cigs, who are three of the biggest brands. Read the full article here.

September 15, 2013:

It is projected that e-cig revenue will exceed that of tobacco cigarettes by 2021.

Go here to see a chart of projections for 3 major companies.

Go here to read the full article on the Winston-Salem Journal.

September 13, 23013:

We just came across an article in Businessweek listing restaurants in NY, some that allow e cigs! You can read the article here.

September 12, 2013:

A very in depth and objective lecture that was presented by a PhD professor of a London university was recently published. You can watch the video here.

September 7, 2013:

Here’s an article in the Huffington Post about a study on e cigs, and how they fare compared to approved smoking cessation aids in people trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

August 7, 2013:

Today an article was published from Business Insider about V2 Cigs, and how they are on track to generate north of 100 million.

Read the full article on Yahoo here

August 2, 2013:

Companies like Starbucks are banning the use on their premises.

Read the full article on My Fox Austin Here

Currently there are not many regulations on e cigs.

Today there was an article on the ‘lack of regulation’, read the full article on Here and Now

August 1, 2013:

Some authorities are banning the sale of e cigs to minors, such as in North Carolina

Read the article in BloombergBusinessWeek here

July 31, 2013:

Electronic Cigarette Sales To Hit 1 Billion, read the article on abc news here

In June 2013 there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about e cigs that is interesting

Here are the two introductory paragraphs from the article:

WSJ E Cig Intro







Please note that electronic cigarettes are not considered smoking cessation devices by any regulatory authorities, this seems to be, according to the article, the first publication with even a leniency towards that concept, so far as legitimized publications go.

Read the full article here

Another article published by the Wall Street Journal shows an electronic cigarette storefront which is in operation.

Read the article about the New York E Cig Shop Here


New York is one of the states in the US that has placed restrictions on using electronic cigarettes in places where tobacco cigarettes are banned such as on public trains.