Eleaf iStick 10W Review

There might not be a cuter vape mod in the vaping field than an Eleaf iStick 10W Mini. It is such a tiny item you can hold it in the palm of your hand twice over.

Even if you are a dainty person, this little vape mod is stealthy and portable unless you go for a bright fuschia option instead of black. You won’t have problem storing it in your pocket, although it’s advisable to remove the tank first or risk sitting on shards of glass.

Four Colors

You could almost fit the 10W iStick Mini in a Christmas cracker and it would be just as exciting to have one of these shiny items explode out of the wrapping with a funny paper hat. There are four style choices: blue, fuschia, black, and silver. 

Apart from the black, each item is a three-toned unit with silver and black trim. The buttons are stainless steel squares and triangles, adding to the simple geometry of the design. A screen is uniquely set into the box along the same side as your control buttons and disappears into a black strip until turned on.

Technical Features

Vape at up to 10 watts with a low-resistance tank from Eleaf, Innokin, or Kanger. The mod contains a 1050mAh battery which you are able to adjust between 3.3V and 5V if you prefer, although adjusting wattage automatically causes the brain inside your device to adjust voltage as per tank resistance. If you set volts, it is necessary to calculate suitable coil resistance or get yourself a chart.

Recharging the Cell

With a built-in battery, recharging can only be accomplished using a USB cable and power source. Plug into a gaming device, portable computer, or even the iTaste MVP in order to replenish your cell. You can also vape while charging, a function known as “pass-through vaping.” Plan well; recharge every night.

Ego Adapter

Although variable watt vape mods are usually 510-threaded, and this one is no exception, some tanks for the lower wattage devices will be eGo-threaded. Eleaf packages their iStick Mini 10W with an adapter in case the tank or clearomizer you favor is not 510-compatible.

Contents of the Eleaf iStick 10W Mini Vape Mod

This dainty device comes complete with a battery installed, cable, adapter, and manual for about $24. Once you become accustomed to viewing your output, resistance, and safety warnings on a screen and using a box-shaped device, the iStick line is waiting to provide experienced vapers with more power.

They make mods supplying 20 to 100 watts including a temperature control device. They become larger every time. Eleaf also makes sub ohm tanks like the Melo III to go with them.