E Cigarette Reviews – The Top 5 E Cigs Brands 2013

By Greg Morrison

Our reviews of the best electronic cigarette brands in 2013. These are our real e cig reviews, and we’ve created a top 5 list between the two of us, since we both have our own preferences.


1. V2 Cigs – Our V2 Cigs review (Great all around product and flavor – Greg’s #1)

Visit the V2 Cigs Website

2. South Beach Smoke – Our South Beach Smoke review (Great product and flavor)

Visit the South Beach Smoke Website

3. Green Smoke – Our Green Smoke review (Great product and flavor – Martin’s #1)

Visit the Green Smoke Website

4. Bull Smoke – Our Bull Smoke Review (Best prices by far – great product)

Visit the Bull Smoke Website

5. Halo – Our Halo G6 review (Great product – great battery)

Visit The Halo Cigs Website for Halo e cigs


There are a lot of brands that are pretty darn good, though these ones here stuck out to us for a few reasons. One of if not the primary reason is of course flavor and vape quality, as any smoker knows, they will pay whatever their favorite cigarettes cost, so quality and flavor come first.

Then you have some power points with brands like Halo and Bull Smoke, in battery life and price. Each does have a slightly distinct flavor, vape, feel, weight, look etc. Give at least two a try if you aren’t completely sold over the first one you try.

Even if you just supplement smoking with these, you’ll still save some nice cash!