Halo Cigs

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From the sound of some reviewers’ experiences, if you pay a little bit more for the Halo G6 starter kit than for some other brands, you will not be disappointed. This is a neat little unit that makes a wonderful first impression. Yet, the Halo is not perfect. Read more and decide for yourself.

Packaging from Halo: Inside the Box

You have probably not seen (and might never see) an electronic cigarette starter kit packaged in a round tin before. While this is not a convenient storage method, it is unusual and memorable. Shipping is impressively quick too.

Great Vapor Production

Customers are saying they like the vapor production from Halo, even from the G6. It is as good as you can expect from a mini cig. The G6 batteries are not that good though: they run out pretty quickly, and so do cartridges. As for claims that you can puff up to 250 times, that is an exaggerated claim.

There have been customers who enjoyed up to 225 puffs but also some who got about 150 to 170 out of theirs. Disparity could have something to do with fully charging a battery, the depth of draws people take, a faulty battery, or an under-filled carto.

Halo’s battery power is what drags it down most, and threading is a bit out of touch: 808 instead of 510 for compatible threading. In spite of these points, the brand continues to be popular.

Halo Cartridges and Juices

Aside from the Halo E Cig website, Halo juice is sold at a few other sites as well. This is testimony to its quality as an American-made brand. Flavors at Halo do not receive consistent reviews, however. While being among some consumers’ top vapes, there are people who really dislike them: all of them.

Liquids have been accused of possessing a chemical flavor. One suggestion is to let the liquid sit in a cool, dark place for a few days, maybe a week. After a time, the juice should taste much better.

A common favorite is Midnight Apple: tobacco with sweet apple. Voodoo is lightly spicy tobacco and among their newer products. Tiki and Malibu are considered pleasant by some reviewers, though Malibu is on the sweet side. It might be difficult to find a vape worth inhaling all day. Halo’s juice selection favors tobacco lovers, generally.

Starter Kits: the G6 Halo Cigs Review

G6 is the fancy name Halo gives for its mini cig, also compatible with a small tank if you prefer this method of re-filling and vaping. A kit costs $44.99 and there is just one sort of package, but lots of bright metallic shades like Emerald, Lime, and Purple. It is as though Halo knew right from the start what customers would be writing about starter kits and pre-empted any complaints about theirs, at least as far as pricing and contents are concerned. They left out accessories and pure luxuries in favor of necessity.

Their coated batteries are a pleasure to hold and you get two of them: wise decision by Halo. Too many companies produce starter kits in the $20 to $30 range and even over $40 featuring just a single battery, or they replace battery #2 with something else like a disposable electronic cigarette.

Another wise choice is eliminating multiple types of kits and sticking with one. Carrying too many products adds to the confusion for new vapers not sure if they need a PCC, a universal carry case, or a car adaptor at all. Halo’s method is simple, easy to understand, and you have less to remember when talking about Halo with other people.

A Triton Starter Kit Review

A Triton from Halo E Cigs will compete with your Joyetech mods, Evod, and Vapor Zone mods. It is an advanced unit with variable voltage in an affordable price range. The LED screen shows details such as the voltage you are setting it to, which is adjusted using the same button that turns the unit on and off. It is a beautiful electronic device available in 11 stunning hues. Although the original battery is featured in a starter kit, and can be purchased separately as well, there is the option to go one better. Buy a Halo spinner battery and use the bottom dial to adjust voltage.

Halo E Cigs Accessories

While there are relatively few accessories sold by brands like Halo, enough are present to replenish basic items that get used up. A battery should live through 100+ charges, but for the G6 that could amount to one battery a month or more. A Triton battery should last a lot longer being 400mAh or as much as 1300mAh. If it seems weird that anyone would buy a smaller, less powerful battery given the choice, a long battery makes for a long mod. Not everyone likes how that looks or its weight.

G6 batteries come with orange or blue LED lights, but the Triton batteries feature many more colors to correspond with their coatings. These include orange, yellow, and pink.

Some people prefer a necklace over a lanyard as the place to keep their e-cig: it is closer to their lips. Necklaces come in silky, hemp, or nettle materials.

Even chargers get worn out or you discover you need a USB charger and wall adaptor in multiple places like the office, a friend’s house, or where your parents live. These can be purchased separately along with a portable charging case. If you travel a lot, this will save you from having to buy disposables or analogs when you vape during long journeys, especially with batteries that barely hold a charge.

Final Thoughts about Halo

When it comes to image, Halo stands alone. Their starter kits are sleek, cheerful, or just plain stylish. Whichever personality you have, your color is there. Customer service never receives complaints: they are top-notch for responding to queries and complaints. The website is user-friendly and sensibly organized to make it a breeze when you go shopping online for an electronic cigarette starter kit, accessories, or to view your account.