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One of the popular IVG companies (also including South Beach Smoke and Vapor Zone) is moving up in the world of e cigarettes. Eversmoke is gaining a vast following of ex-smokers and avid vapers who want quality but not the price tag that appears to go with it.

So often, consumers seem to think (or have been trained to think) an electronic cigarette starter kit should be vastly expensive and over-priced. Today’s market makes a big change from the one in existence 5 years ago, where a handful of companies ruled the roost and could charge what they wanted.

EverSmokeAn Eversmoke Review

Here is a funny thing: a reviewer has said he does not recommend Eversmoke for individuals who used to smoke light or regular cigarettes. He found the throat hit pretty strong but was used to that as a smoker of unfiltered cigs.

Another customer said the opposite: these are weak. The 24mg cigarette gives out less of a throat hit than expected. How can there be such a difference between the two views?

Assume their kits were not exactly the same in some way. A battery failed to work or was not charged completely when used. Sometimes batteries arrive charged or partially charged. Did someone vape out of the box? Was a dud cartridge to blame?

This means your impression of throat hit could be positive or lacking. Just to be on the safe side, start with a regular-strength tobacco cartridge to get a feel for what vaping is like.

With the absence of chemicals, you might be disappointed or confused at first. Cigarettes did some damage to your taste buds and sense of smell, but before long those will recover. Give yourself a chance if these are the early days of going without cigarettes.

EverSmoke Electronic CigaretteMarvelous Batteries

Customers can only expect a short show from batteries for cigalikes. They have to be small to look and feel like regular cigarettes, so their power is severely limited. This is no one’s fault, but a factor when designing cigalikes to attract an audience of smokers over to the other side.

Batteries from Eversmoke appear to endure a bit longer than usual. They are also strangely powerful when it comes to vapor. You get plumes of vapor from an Eversmoke e-cig. Eversmoke batteries weigh a tiny bit more and are subtly thicker. Designers snuck in a small amount of extra power and size.
An extra millimeter might not take much getting used to, but that depends on how picky you are and whether you really want to give vaping a shot, or are determined not to like it.

Eversmoke Flavors

You get three kinds of tobacco from Eversmoke, three types of fruit cartridges, a couple of mint varieties, and a couple of specialty flavors. You are not going to be overjoyed by selection. I predict that, like South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke will come out with some new flavors in 2014 to compete with the huge array out there for consumers to try.

The menu of flavors out there is so long and tantalizing e-cig users will make the switch as soon as they can to tanks — something Eversmoke cannot help with since they only sell two-piece mini cigs. That will mean switching to Vapor Zone, Halo, Volcano, or Joyetech.

Impressions include positive comments about vanilla and cherry. Menthol was oddly pleasing. Tobacco was pretty good for some, and others say this is their absolute favorite. Tobacco almost always disappoints as this is the one liquid manufacturers have to try hardest to emulate properly. Smokers are looking for tobacco to taste like what they know.

Eversmoke Beginners

Right off the bat disregard package one: an Express for $30. It is a bit expensive for a single battery and a USB charger with two cartridges. Just think: a Bull Smoke kit costs $30 for two batteries and both wall chargers plus 10 cartridges.

You just cannot do without a second battery, and though you can buy one to add individually, that still leaves you short three cartridges. Skip to a Basic Kit, $49.99, with five cartridges, two batteries, and your charging unit.

For $149.99 an Ultimate Kit takes you well over the top. While you could never build this kit for less, do you need all the stuff in it? Maybe as gifts for other vapers, those you know will appreciate them. But generally, a beginners’ kit should be simple.

Get the portable charging case for sure, a carry case, cartridges, and the essential charging kit. Otherwise, the rest is gravy and not really “starter kit” material, just bells and whistles, which some people love.

With that being said, if you are planning to buy a car adaptor, portable charging case, 15 cartridges, and so on, buy the $149.99 kit. This is the cheapest way to go about it while buying compatible products.

General discount vapor and e-cig stores cannot always supply items with the same threading, but their prices are better if you can find a shop supplying the right threading for Eversmoke batteries and cartridges.

Eversmoke AccessoriesAccessories for Later

When you decide that you have found the brand for your vaping future, visit the section marked “accessories.” This is the home of batteries, charging items, cartomizers, and more.

As you can see, they are not as cheap to buy from this section as from the starter kit section.

Details about Eversmoke

Consumers have discovered they do not get the number of puffs from a cartridge advertised by a long chalk, but that is to be expected. Few cartridges give you the puffs you are told they will. It isn’t that your draw is too long but that Eversmoke et al overestimate or overstate their case.

The warranty is better if you become a subscriber: it lasts a lifetime. Otherwise, you get a year, which is still fine.

This is an accredited business with the BBB. They give Eversmoke an A-: not bad. This means you can refer a friend, buy their goods for distribution, or become an affiliate without worrying you have signed on with commercial criminals about to close their warehouse doors.