Coupon Codes

Electronic cigarette coupon codes for different e cig brands. We have made specific arrangements with certain e cigarette companies to offer various discounts and savings.

See our coupon codes and other ways to save some money when making your purchase below:

For V2 Cigs:

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* Money saving secret they don’t want you to know *

If you refill your cartridges with e liquid, you’ll save huge! So far only V2 has stepped up to the plate of the big Kahunas, to offer their own refill liquid, and they carry blank cartridges for it.

I grabbed some of the V2 Platinum Red Liquid, and shot a video unboxing it and refilling the empty cartridges. You can check out the video here.

This is Martin by the way, and I just wanted to add, that my sister got me to finally take the plunge with e cigs.

She told me what she spends now, for maintenance, around something like 25-50 cents a *expletive* day, give or take some pennies, and considering Taxachusetts upped the anty, and it would now cost me $20 to keep up my 2 pack a day habit of Marlboro 100’s, and that she swears by these things, I figured what the heck can I lose, and if I cut my habit in half even, I will save like $10 a day, which is $300 a month, which is a car payment, and is also $3,600.00 per year.

That’s what I call a no-brainer on steroids.