The Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes | E Cigarette Review

The best way to start off with e cigs is definitely going to be to get a starter kit. If you don’t at least get a charger and a refill, you won’t be able to keep vaping.

Bull Smoke Ranch HandDisposables would be one way that can seem cheaper but then if you like them, to vape disposables individually will be more costly. At the same time they are a goo bare bones way to try some brands, and they are very convenient. Check out our disposables page here to see some that are available.

There’s really no competition for the the Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Kit, as it is $29.95.

It comes with what you see pictured here:

  • Two batteries
  • 10 flavor cartridges
  • USB adapter and USB wall charger

Bull smoke creates a nice solid e cig for anyone looking to try one out and save a few bucks, and their City Slicker Kit is available for the same killer price. We don’t think these prices will last, but for now it is a great way to get the basic components of a good e cig kit.

You can also use this kit and find out what V2 tastes like, see below.




Best Way To Save Money Using Your E Cig

The way to save the most money once you start will be to refill the cartridges with e liquid. That is one of the standout aspects of V2 Cigs. Right on their website, they have refill liquid, as well as a really cool page showing you numerous ways to refill cartridges.

(To find their page on how to refill with e liquid, select any type of their liquids on the site, and down the bottom of the page you’ll see the E-Liquid Guide link).

I also created a short page with a video on how to refill V2 Cigs cartridges right after I received the Platinum e liquid. You can check out my quick video demo here, where I opened the e liquid live and showed one way you can refill the cartridges.

Check out our page comparing other starter kits  for a nice side by side comparison from some of the top electronic cigarettes out there.