We are a couple guys who enjoy e cigs, and created this site to help anyone like us who’s looking for a good e cig.

At first, this whole thing can be very confusing, with batteries, atomizers, e liquid, carrying cases and then there are some products that look something like a medium sized flashlight.

Before someone goes on about the 9,864,435 flavors, and the various ways you can vape with your iPhone (we’re kind of kidding), and your head wants to explode!!!! You may just want to know if they are good, and hit that ‘spot’.

…we created this to clarify some basics, and offer our real reviews, from experience (Check out Martin’s YouTube channel for our video reviews). As you can see, yes we vape, and we love it, and it is fun, and a bit addictive, trying out all the different flavors, and eventually the more advanced stuff, which we have plenty more to try, although we initially went for the best rated brands, for our own personal preferences, and then decided to make this site, and it’s been fun!

GregWho Is Greg Morrison?

Age: 29

First off, a new dad.

Work: Self employed and very grateful to be able to work on the Internet from home

State: Delaware

Interests: Work because he loves work, fitness and health, actively doing CrossFit, watching UFC.

Favorite Quote: “The harder I work the luckier I get”



MartinWho Is Martin Lotsberg?

Age: 38

Car Enthusiast – Nissan GTR in particular, but still loves all kinds of cars.

Work: The exact same as Greg, and many thanks to Greg for helping him.

State: Massachusetts

Interests: Work because he loves his work also, coffee, health, inspirational stuff, and cars.

Favorite Quote:

So many to choose:

‘”Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”