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There are cheap e cigs available from the worldwide web and lots of vendors vying for customers’ money, but how many of these will really help you save a few dollars? Is the saving considerable once you are using a brand monthly?

The fact is that e cigs are only cheaper than cigarettes if they work. Batteries must hold a charge for at least two hours and submit to charging at least 300 times. Cartomizers can’t run out of juice after 100 puffs.

When handled for a month or so, it is no good if the battery feels like it’s going to fall apart, threading gets worn out, or the button on a manual battery starts to wiggle and does not make the atomizer heat up anymore.

Realities of E Cigs

It is true however that, while some of the cheapest devices do not last, more expensive options perform better. Cheap batteries lose power in a week and cartomizers contain half what they should. Add to that the terrible taste of some cartomizers and you will wish you hadn’t bothered.

You really should pay attention to top-ten lists because they feature companies known for selling quality products tested and commented on by thousands of consumers. Three of the most highly recommended brands of e cigs are V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and VaporFi.

Reliable Brands

VaporFi is the relative newcomer in this list, but their reputation is strengthening. V2 and Green Smoke never seem to lose their audience, even after years of supremacy.

Of all three, Green Smoke offers the shortest list of items and sticks with mini cigs entirely. V2 has branched out to include a 3-in-1 vaporizer/e cig in their repertoire plus some high-powered batteries and long-lasting cartomizers.

VaporFi satisfies almost every need with their many e cigs, a box mod, variable voltage tube mod, and a handheld herbal vaporizer. Their selection of e juice is also potentially the world’s largest thanks to customization options.

Expenses of Vaping

But with the higher quality of these brands comes the potential for higher prices too. It all depends on how you shop: whether you actively look for bargains and ways to save money when shopping with these companies. In fact, their prices come down considerably when you explore all the options open to you.

Save Money with the Best

For instance, there is the bulk-buying option which reduces the price of e liquid or cartomizers:

  • Purchase the bigger bottle at V2 and save money.
  • Join the VaporFi Blend of the Month Club and gain access to discounts while buying a 30-ml bottle of new e liquid every month.
  • Select auto-shipments from Green Smoke and save money on cartomizer replacements.

Even send in your old cartomizers to Green Smoke for free recycling and to earn points. Green Smoke’s 3-battery pack reduces the price of individual batteries by a couple of dollars. Starter kits from all three firms include gear which, when purchased one piece at a time, would cost quite a bit more. Savings realized by buying a starter kit are noticeable.

Earning Points

We are not talking about useless brownie points: someone from the company sending a personalized message to thank you for shopping with them and congratulate you for giving up cigarettes. I am referring to rewards points which e cig companies issue to encourage customer loyalty.

With loyalty points the client is earning money essentially, but it is only redeemable for products from that company. VaporFi, V2, and Green Smoke all give out points when customers purchase something, refer friends, write reviews, and even (at VaporFi) for having a birthday. There are points for signing up in the first place and more points if you subscribe to an email list.

When these add up, clients trade them in to buy e juice, cartomizers, batteries, and accessories. Another way to save money is to become an affiliate and use earnings to continue vaping, although affiliate payments do not have to be spent in-store.

Coupons for V2, Green Smoke, and VaporFi

You probably notice while reading e-cig forums and websites that post e cig reviews that coupon codes for certain companies appear frequently. Actually, you don’t even have to go offsite to access these codes: VaporFi, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs post them right on their websites.

This is not a trick. Use the code they give you to claim a discount on cartomizer refills, e juice, or a starter kit depending on the specific offer. Claim a seasonal discount. When you look for these codes on other websites check their expiry dates. Some run out; others never run out.

Just Buy E Liquid

It is not possible to make the following adjustment with Green Smoke products, but buy e liquid if you can. I know: filling cartomizers is messy, so upgrade to a clearomizer. If that still seems messy, buy an empty bottle with a needle tip.

Use this to slowly squeeze e juice around the outside of the atomizer without spilling any. Refilling cartomizers or clearomizers with e juice costs so much less than buying pre-filled cartomizers; divide your purchase into milliliters and see.

A cartomizer usually hold 0.9 or 1 ml of e liquid. A bottle of e juice at V2 Cigs holds at least 25 ml or as much as 60 ml; VaporFi sells 30-ml bottles. Divide the price of each bottle by the number of milliliters and do the same with a 5-pack of cartomizers. You can see right away there is a huge difference in price.

But what about the atomizer: doesn’t that need to be replaced occasionally? You will have to throw out your clearomizer eventually and while purchasing it separately from liquid you should add this purchase into the overall price of juice, but the result is still in favor of e liquid. You will find your choices expand too and the flavors of e liquids vs. cartomizers are usually an improvement.